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The My Activity section at the left (SOCIAL, WORK, PLAN, IMPROVE and DEFEND) is designed to allow you to start, organize or update personal projects with a few keystrokes. 



  • This allows you to organize your personal plans and contacts.
  • You can send out invitations or keep your friends and family updated on current news or links that relate to them.


My WORK Life:

  • This allows you to organize your professional plans and contacts.
  • You can interact with co-workers or customers without allowing them access to your more personal data.

PLAN an event:

  • This is the organization and planning center for any activity from a surprise birthday party to a grand opening of your business.
  • You can set a date and pick a location for any sort of event that you can imagine.
  • You can also manage your RSVP's from this page.

IMPROVE my Community:

  • Take your interests and concerns to the next level: launch community projects.
  • Lay out specific ideas and goals for your community.
  • Search for and "draft" potential candidates for local projects.
  • Keep your neighbors informed and inspired though direct contact and planned events.
  • There are no limits. You can link with others to affect zoning, attract businesses, renovate public areas, petition for safety changes, etc.

DEFEND my Rights:

  • This is a critical personal category. Is something not right with your HOA/POA, your local school, your local law enforcement, etc.
  • This is a standalone category that is designed to combine personal and/or professional contacts with PLANs in one fell swoop.
  • Swiftly organize people, define an issue and plan an event.
  • Maintain links and resources related to improving or restoring your rights.
  • Keep attention on issues by posting updates outlining progress by officials. Make others aware of dangers that they may also face.





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