My Reforms:

This section will allow users to easily coordinate activities based on shared views (as opposed to direct personal contacts). Activity on areas like the discussion boards is needed to provide the data required to establish these connections (therefore this area won't be developed until nearly last). Grassroots movements will be supercharged once this section is active.

User ID module is not active yet. is the second generation of a website designed to empower individual activity and promote Free Speech.

The first generation called quickly evolved a focus on political and judicial reform; ironically, it was subsequently shut down by Network Solutions using a suspect court order as a cited basis; civil litigation is planned.

iDrafted was started in Horry County, South Carolina by Michelle Tyll who is a former middle school teacher with a background in communications. The idea of uniting social media, crowdsourcing, and the communication potential of the internet is perfect for personal, family and school projects yet it is powerful enough to generate effective reforms that reach nationally and even globally. is currently being designed to focus primarily on individual projects with a potential to expand issues like political and judicial reform at a later date. Once is back online, it is likely that the two websites will merge or switch primary emphasis: with the .org website focused primarily on organization and reform and the .com website focused on individual projects at a more day-to-day level.

The original website has been partially restored within this website:


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