My Reforms:

This section will allow users to easily coordinate activities based on shared views (as opposed to direct personal contacts). Activity on areas like the discussion boards is needed to provide the data required to establish these connections (therefore this area won't be developed until nearly last). Grassroots movements will be supercharged once this section is active.

User ID module is not active yet.

This project is being featured as a social experiment on RocketHub.  Hopefully crowdfunding will provide the initial startup costs of the full scale launch.  If a few thousand people signup for the T-shirt level donation of $20 then crowdfunding will create a crowdsourcing revolution.

If iDrafted realizes its potential, the ability of individuals to literally change the world will dramatically shift and the concept that "my vote doesn't count" will become obsolete.

Once the site is online, a forum section promoting innovation/invention will be established. A very small portion of funds from any commercial successes in this area will provide for the continued funding of this site. This should eliminate the need to solicit donations constantly. Please note that there is no intent to ever place banner ads on this site!

Please support this project on RocketHub: ($20 gets you a T-shirt, a collectible postcard and a part in helping to change the world)

Unfortunately, the funding period has ended on RocketHub. As we focused primarily on developing the site instead of promoting the fundraising, we are still in need of financial support for a full-scale launch.

Please contact us if you would like to support this project when we begin fundraising again (buy a t-shirt, donate, offer your time, etc.)